Chapter 6. Fund Raising
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1. Introduction to Fundraising for Startups
  • Importance of fundraising for startup success
  • Overview of the course structure and objectives
  • Understanding different funding stages
  • Key principles and best practices
2. Preparing for Fundraising
  • Assessing funding needs and goals
  • Building a compelling pitch deck
  • Creating a strong value proposition
  • Identifying potential investors and partners
3. Bootstrapping and Self-Funding
  • Understanding bootstrapping as a funding option
  • Managing personal finances for startup funding
  • Strategies for self-funding
  • Maximizing resources and minimizing costs
4. Friends and Family Funding
  • Approaching friends and family for funding
  • Structuring and documenting informal investments
  • Managing expectations and potential risks
  • Maintaining personal and professional relationships
5. Angel Investors and Seed Funding
  • Understanding angel investors and their role
  • Finding and approaching angel investors
  • Pitching to angel investors effectively
  • Negotiating seed funding terms and agreements
6. Venture Capital Funding
  • Introduction to venture capital funding
  • Finding and approaching venture capitalists
  • Creating a strong investment thesis
  • Pitching to venture capitalists effectively
7. Crowdfunding and Online Platforms
  • Exploring crowdfunding as a funding option
  • Choosing the right crowdfunding platform
  • Creating a compelling crowdfunding campaign
  • Managing rewards and investor relations
8. Preparing for Due Diligence
  • Understanding the due diligence process
  • Organizing financial and legal documentation
  • Preparing for investor questions and scrutiny
  • Mitigating potential red flags
9. Term Sheets and Negotiation
  • Understanding term sheets and key terms
  • Negotiating favorable investment terms
  • Managing investor expectations
  • Seeking legal counsel for investment agreements
10. Investor Relations and Post-Funding
  • Building strong relationships with investors
  • Communicating updates and progress
  • Managing investor reporting and expectations
  • Preparing for future funding rounds