Our mission is to help young entrepreneurs turn their creative ideas into reality
Who we are

The Start-G-Idea Platform, a crowdfunding initiative brought to you by Genius Development Workshop Hong Kong, is a platform designed for entrepreneurs below 25 years old. Our platform is designed to remove the financial barrier for aspiring entrepreneurs hungry to transform their brilliant ideas into innovative products of tomorrow.

As a crowdfunding platform, we provide a space for entrepreneurs to showcase their groundbreaking ideas and connect with aglobal community of passionate and forward-thinking investors. Through our user-friendly interface, entrepreneurs can pitchtheir ideas through a detailed outline about their product, set milestones to achieve, and engage with potential backers whoshare and understand their vision.

We are not the judge.

The platform acts as a vibrant ecosystem where young entrepreneurs can connect to project backers, collaborate, and learn. Aproject’s success goes beyond financial support; it requires a network of mentors and industry experts who can provideinvaluable guidance and insights. Through our platform, we foster an environment that encourages collaboration, offersunwavering support, and fuels innovation.

At Start-G-Idea Platform, we believe that the next unicorn project is just $10 away from realization. Pledging means morethan just monetary value; it is an act of belief and confidence in the next generation of entrepreneurs.

How we began

Start-G-Idea Platform is founded by Kenneth Ma, a seasoned angel investor since 2008, Genius Development Workshop Hong Konghas been at the forefront of witnessing the incredible potential and entrepreneurial drive exhibited by individuals below 25years old. Having encountered numerous brilliant ideas from students and recent graduates, Kenneth recognized a commonchallenge: the lack of funding to bring these innovative visions to life or validate their revolutionary concepts. Thisrealization inspired the inception of the Start-G-Idea Platform in 2018.

More than just a crowdfunding platform, Start-G-Idea Platform only serves aspiring entrepreneurs below 25 years old. Why 25years old? Many innovative and life-changing products that we use today were created by entrepreneurs during their high schooland university days, and we want to foster more of those entrepreneurs. We are not looking for the next billionaire, but wewant to provide an outlet for aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their dream project, a beacon of help to seek support andfunding.

The existing education system does not promote much entrepreneurship skills, neither does it foster the spirit ofentrepreneurship. As such, the platform is designed to provide young entrepreneurs an opportunity to showcase their passionand creativity to work out their dream project.

Our vision for the platform extends beyond the immediate goal of raising funding; we strive to empower emerging youngentrepreneurs in their projects, and pave the way for the unicorns of tomorrow. By nurturing these promising ventures, webelieve in shaping a future where groundbreaking ideas can flourish and leave a lasting impact on industries and society.

More than just a crowdfunding platform, we invest resources to help startup entrepreneurs
The brains behind Start-G-Idea
Kenneth Ma 马驫
Business Advisor

Kenneth Ma is a successful entrepreneur with extensive experience in various industries. He is the Chairman of Ludatrade.com, which is Alibaba.com's Brazil partner. Kenneth has founded several companies, including 杭州悠可化妆品(Ebeauty), 杭州悠悦(Ebeauty), 旎网电子商务( Ebeauty), Savyu.com, FT Foundation Fund, Studtors Technologies, Genius Development Workshop, and Scientech Future. He is also the Chairman and CEO of Luda Group.

Kenneth holds a Master's Degree in Psychology from the University of South Australia, as well as a Master's Degree in Quantitative Finance from Stanford University, a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Science and Technology Hong Kong.

Kwok Zi Xing
Business & Technical Advisor

Zi Xing is a passionate technologist since young. He received a scholarship from the University of Hong Kong to pursue Computer Science and graduated with Honors. Leveraging on his up-to-date knowledge within the technology industry, he had previously developed ERP & CRM software for multinational manufacturing group companies. As a technology leader within the company, he handles software projects within the company to transform students' learning experience. Zi Xing holds several years of teaching experience in ICT & Computer Science, Finance, and Mathematics. He had helped several students to achieve excellent results in international public examinations.

  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons)
  • Co-Founder of Studtors Technologies Limited.
  • Co-Founder of Genius Development Workshop Company Limited.
  • Business consultant for Nelson's Franchise (M) Private Limited
  • Experienced in Python Algorithmic Trading in HK & US Equities Developing and researching further applications of NFT
Lam Zi Hao
Technical Advisor

Zi Hao is a highly skilled and accomplished professional with a strong background in Computer Science and Finance. Having received a prestigious Full Scholarship from HKU, he pursued a degree in computer science. Throughout his journey in HKU, he has undertaken multiple jobs & internships to learn and gain industrial knowledge. Zi Hao's main forte is web development and cloud computing. Zi Hao is currently working in Genius Develoment as a Technical Consultant and Full Stack Developer.

  • Full scholarship for a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from the University of Hong Kong
  • Previous Solutions Architect at AWS focusing on the Government Sector in Malaysia
  • Cofounder of Lean Social Startup (Startup that focuses on collaborative learning) Won multiple awards and Startup Grants
  • AWS Professional Cloud Architect Certification - AWS Associates Cloud Architect Certification
Najmi Husaini
Business Advisor

GCE A-Level 3A* (Economics, Physics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics)

Top in the world awarded by GCE for Add. Mathematics.

STEM.org Certified

Several years of teaching experience in Finance, Science & Mathematics.

Currently studying for a MicroMasters Finance program from MITx.

Business Advisor
  • Pursuing Medicine at University of Oxford
  • Highest first year grade in the college
  • 98th percentile in the UCAT
  • Top BMAT Score
  • 50/50 in Extended Project Qualification
  • 4A*s in A-Level (Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, History)
Business Advisor
  • Pursuing MSCi Natural Science at the University of Cambridge
  • 4A*s in A-Level
  • Experienced in tutoring STEM subjects
  • This combines with her substantial knowledge of different exam boards and their syllabuses, resulting in great successes.
Business Advisor
  • Pursuing Human, Social and Political Science at the University of Cambridge
  • 4A*s in A-Level
  • Accomplished essay-writer and has an excellent academic record
  • Experienced with debating and applications to top UK universities.
Business Advisor
  • Pursuing Law in University of Cambridge
  • 4A*s in A-Level
  • Active Member of the Law Society (Largest in the World)
  • Able to tutor a range of STEM and Humanities
Business Advisor
  • Pursuing Theology, Religion and the Philosophy of Religions University of Cambridge
  • 4A*s in A-Level
  • Specialises in University Preparation, especially interviews and admission tests
  • Over 500+ Tutoring Hours
Business Advisor
  • Pursuing Language at the University of Cambridge
  • 4A*s in A-Level
  • Experienced in tutoring STEM and Arts
  • Able to help his students understand and analyse complex data and information at the intersection of STEM and Arts
Business Advisor
  • Pursuing Language at University of Cambridge
  • 4A*s in A-Level
  • Experienced in teaching English, (conversational, academic, GCSE and A-Levels)
  • Have helped many applicants to study in G5 and Oxbridge Universities
Business Advisor
  • Pursuing Medicine at the University College of London (UCL)
  • 4A*s in A-Level
  • Experienced in teaching English, (conversational, academic, GCSE and A-Levels)
  • A stellar academic record, and an experienced tutor in science-based subjects