Terms of Use
1. Creating an Account

To use certain functions on Start-G-Idea, you’ll need to create an account with a username and password. Your information must be accurate and complete, and you must not impersonate others. You're responsible for all activity on your account and keeping your password confidential. If unauthorized use of your account occurs, report it to support@geniusdevelopment.com

2. Prohibited Conduct

We expect everyone on Start-G-Idea to act responsibly. Don't do anything illegal, misleading, or that infringes on others' rights. Respect the law, community, and other users' personal information. Avoid actions that could harm the integrity of our system. Don't interfere with the Services or other users' use of the Site.

3. How Projects Work

Our Terms of Use generally cover your interactions with Start-G-Idea, but this particular section is distinct—it defines the contractual relationship between those who initiate projects and those who fund them on Start-G-Idea. By participating on our platform, either as a project initiator or a backer, you are consenting to abide by these stipulations: Start-G-Idea operates as a platform that facilitates the crowd-sourced funding of diverse initiatives. When a project initiator publishes their idea on Start-G-Idea, they are effectively extending an invitation for others to form a contractual agreement by funding their project. Those who choose to financially back a project are thereby accepting the terms set forth by the project initiator and entering into a binding contract. It's important to note that Start-G-Idea is not an intermediary in the contractual relationship, which is exclusively between the project initiators and their backers. The contract is governed by the following conditions: When a project achieves its funding goal, the project initiator is committed to executing the project and delivering all promised rewards to backers. Completing these tasks fulfills the project initiator's duties to their backers. Project initiators must consistently exert a considerable amount of effort, engage in open communication, and dedicate themselves to realizing their project. On the other hand, backers should understand that their financial contributions are acts of support for the creation of novel and original work, rather than the purchase of pre-existing products. It is possible that projects may undergo changes or experience delays, and unforeseen challenges may arise that could impede the project initiator's ability to deliver as initially projected. If a project initiator is unable to finalize their project and issue the rewards, they fall short of meeting their fundamental contractual obligations. To amend this, the project initiator is expected to:

- Provide a comprehensive update that clarifies what progress has been made, the manner in which funds have been spent, and what challenges are hindering the completion of the project.
- Pursue the completion of the project with diligence and sincerity, aiming for the most favorable outcome for backers, all within a communicated timeline.
- Demonstrate prudent and appropriate use of funds and affirm that all reasonable measures have been taken to honor the project as promised.
- Uphold honesty in all communications with backers, avoiding any substantial misrepresentations.
- Suggest a method for reimbursing any unspent funds to backers who did not receive their rewards, in proportion to their pledges, or provide a clear explanation of how these funds will be utilized to complete the project in an alternative manner.
The responsibility to meet the commitments of their project lies entirely with the project initiator. Failure to comply with these terms may lead to legal repercussions initiated by the backers. Start-G-Idea retains the right to take suitable actions regarding the campaign's funds if any disputes are in progress.

4. How Funding Works

Backers are only charged if a project meets its fundraising goal. You can change or cancel your pledge at any time before the campaign's funding deadline. Creators can refund pledges after funding. Start-G-Idea and its payment partners will deduct fees before transferring funds. Creators are responsible for any uncollected funds and resolving payment-card disputes.

5. Start-G-Idea's Limitations

We don't oversee projects' performance, and we don't get involved in disputes. We’re not liable for any damages or losses related to your use of the Services.

6. Our Fees

Creating an account is free. If you fund a project, we charge a 5% fee plus any fees from our payment partners. You're responsible for any additional fees or taxes.

7. Third-Party Sites

We’re not responsible for other websites or services, even if linked to/from our Site.

8. Your Content

You retain rights to your content, but grant us permission to use it as needed to provide our Services. You're responsible for the content you post and ensuring you have the rights to post it.

9. Start-G-Idea's Intellectual Property

Our content is protected. You have the right to use it for personal purposes, but not commercially without our permission.

10. Copyright Issues

We comply with copyright laws and will respond to notices of alleged infringement.

11. Deleting Your Account

You can delete your account, but some content may remain unless you specifically request its removal.

12. Our Rights

We reserve the right to make decisions to protect the health and integrity of our system.

13. Warranty Disclaimer

The Services are provided without warranties, and your use of Start-G-Idea is at your own risk.

14. Indemnification

You agree to indemnify Start-G-Idea against legal claims related to your use of the Services.

15. Limitation of Liability

Our liability is limited to the amount you have paid us.